2014 Flooring Trends

Happy New Year!!!

As we have traditionally done, we are taking a look into flooring predictions and trends for this year. What the experts have to say and which trend will work perfectly for your next project at home. So without much further ado, we give you 2014’s flooring trends:


Indeed! They are never out of the trending items and basically never goes out of style. The key is choosing the most appropriate type for your space. Generally carpets come in wall-to-wall carpeting, carpet tiles and area rugs. They also come made in traditional materials like silk and wool in different weaves or constructs and more recently, non-traditional materials like recycled plastics and other synthetic materials are now being used to make carpeting.


They come in different colors, shapes and textures and a wide variety of patterns and designs, the possibilities can only be limited by one’s creativity and imagination. It might require some maintenance especially if you have kids and pets around but overall, the timeless warmth and comfort it offers makes carpets, in whatever form a favorite in redesigning your space this 2014.


Vinyl have been around for a few decades and has been one of the most popular floor covering material between 1950s and 1980s, most probably before laminate flooring was introduced in North America. Durable, flexible and inexpensive, vinyl generally comes in planks, sheets and tiles. Recent advances in technology have also allowed manufacturers to expand the selection with choices of a wide variety of colors and patterns and even a richer texture for a more realistic experience.


Resilient to abrasion and can be treated time and again, vinyl is ideal for high traffic areas and just about anywhere. Easy to install and takes very minimal effort to maintain and that makes it a flooring material of choice for those who want a quick makeover for their homes this year.


This is something that will definitely never go out of style as more and more people are being more conscientious about their lifestyle choices and how it affects the environment. Choosing products which are produced with less harm to the environment, from renewable resources and in a sustainable manner is a hot commodity in any market and flooring is no difference. More and more people would read labels and ask questions before checking out items in the counter. Sellers and distributors are now keen to knowing more about the products they sell to handle customer queries and also support the cause of the environment.

Now, don’t fret. There are plenty of choices when it comes to green flooring. You might be surprised that wood is one of them. Yes, it is! Well, at least those grown in farms that comply with government regulations. One thing in investing in hardwood flooring is that its durability will not require you to frequently change your flooring. With proper care and maintenance, hardwood flooring can definitely outlive its owners.

Aside from hardwood, green flooring choices include:


  • Bamboo. Abundance and resilience are some of the things that made bamboo a suitable flooring of choice early on. These very same things including renewability and versatility makes it popular still, especially among those very much concerned about preserving nature. Bamboo looks and works great just about anywhere, its gorgeous natural hues as well as its hypoallergenic properties make it a favorite in most homes. Not so costly, easy to install and minimal upkeep are also plus points in choosing bamboo for your New Year home makeover.

  • Cork. Known for its endurance, warmth and neutral earth tones, cork has been used as a flooring material for well over a century now. It boasts of being sustainable since not one cork oak tree perishes in producing this hypoallergenic, noise suppressing, virtually indestructible – yes, since cork is composed mo millions of tiny air sacks that will show dents upon impact but will eventually return to its previous form – and possesses a naturally occurring chemical that allows it to ward off insects and other parasites as well as rotting and decay. Now how is that for the ultimate floor makeover for this year?


  • Recycled, repurposed and composite products. Finally, no green flooring selection will ever be complete without taking into mind recycled and composite products – like plastic bags and other PVC-based materials being used to make flooring tiles or synthetic fiber for rugs and carpets as well as old timber and wooden pallets used as flooring planks. They are unique as they have so much character and history and at the same time, they are good to the environment.

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